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Blends web pages relocation


I've been doing some things and some stuff.

There's now a page at https://www.debian.org/blends/ which has the index of
the blends. A lot of the links for the blends don't really go anywhere
useful currently, I need to find better links, so this isn't ready for being
linked from the front page yet.

I've moved /devel/hamradio to /blends/hamradio and there is an Apache
RewriteRule in place to redirect from the old location to the new location.
For new URLs, they should point to the /blends/hamradio location. (Thanks

I've also moved the French and Russian translations. I think I've done this
in a way that hasn't made trouble for anyone but some feedback from the
translators would be useful. The workflow was basically:

 * cp -a old/ new/
 * Remove all the CVS directories
 * Set all the translation things to 1.1 (the latest revision in the english
 * Update the references to devel/ to blends/
 * Commit the blends/blendname
 * cvs rm -Rf the devel/blendname

If you're a blend and you don't like the description I made up for you or
you would like to suggest a better link for now (I'd like all the blends, at
least all the released blends, to have user facing landing pages on
www.d.o), then please contact me with follow up on the debian-blends@l.d.o.


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