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Re: Blends web pages relocation

Quoting Charles Plessy (2015-09-28 03:31:26)
> Le Sun, Sep 27, 2015 at 05:29:46PM +0100, Iain R. Learmonth a écrit :
>> There's now a page at https://www.debian.org/blends/ which has the index of
>> the blends. A lot of the links for the blends don't really go anywhere
>> useful currently, I need to find better links, so this isn't ready for being
>> linked from the front page yet.
> Hi Iain,
> thanks a lot for this initiative.

I agree - thanks a lot, Iain!

> I have a comment about the description at the top of the page: 
> prospective users do not care about how Blends were called in the 
> past, and how bad that name was; they want to know why Blends are good 
> :)

...and I agree with the suggested rephrasing - thanks, Charles!

A few comments:

I believe Debian Edu should be in the "in the works" sections: As I 
understand it, the parts officially in Debian are only the metapackages, 
whereas its ease of installation and configuration is not (see e.g. 
<https://bugs.debian.org/311188#339>).  Also, that project has two 
equally valid names, so I suggest to also mention the other: Skolelinux.

Related to above, I believe the phrase "Those with installation media 
available [...]" would be improved by adding the term "official" - as in 
"Those with official installation media available [...]".

I believe FreedomBox is also a Debian Pure Blend in the works a.k.a. a 
Blend (see e.g. <https://wiki.debian.org/FreedomBox/Hardware/Debian>).

EzGo is badly described: Metapackages describe its aim as being for 
"teaching and self-learning."

 - Jonas

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