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Re: Blends web pages relocation


El 27/09/15 a las 18:29, Iain R. Learmonth escribió:
> Hi,
> I've been doing some things and some stuff.
> There's now a page at https://www.debian.org/blends/ which has the index of
> the blends. A lot of the links for the blends don't really go anywhere
> useful currently, I need to find better links, so this isn't ready for being
> linked from the front page yet.
> I've moved /devel/hamradio to /blends/hamradio and there is an Apache
> RewriteRule in place to redirect from the old location to the new location.
> For new URLs, they should point to the /blends/hamradio location. (Thanks
> pabs!)
> I've also moved the French and Russian translations. I think I've done this
> in a way that hasn't made trouble for anyone but some feedback from the
> translators would be useful. The workflow was basically:
>  * cp -a old/ new/
>  * Remove all the CVS directories
>  * Set all the translation things to 1.1 (the latest revision in the english
>    folder)
>  * Update the references to devel/ to blends/
>  * Commit the blends/blendname
>  * cvs rm -Rf the devel/blendname
> If you're a blend and you don't like the description I made up for you or
> you would like to suggest a better link for now (I'd like all the blends, at
> least all the released blends, to have user facing landing pages on
> www.d.o), then please contact me with follow up on the debian-blends@l.d.o.
> Thanks,
> Iain.

Thanks Iain, good work!

I would suggest a message to translators (debian-i18n@lists.debian.org)
about index.wml page being worked on, and thus, discouraging
translations of that page until it is "stabilized", but I don't know if
keeping the index.wml page only in English is not good for the already
done translations of hamradio subfolder (I suppose not, but not totally
Laura Arjona

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