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Re: Boxer

On Tue, Oct 28, 2014 at 11:00:52AM +0100, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> > The page is an html page in git.  You can link to whatever you want 
> > from there.  Last week I mentioned the doc where this is described[1] 
> > here on this list.
> Thanks.  Front page updated in git.

I fixed a cut-n-pasto. :-)
> Website not updated - instructions for that seem wrong (outdated?): 
> blends.debian.org is a round-robin of multiple hosts, and the one I 
> randomly logged into didn't have a /srv/blends.debian.org dir to pull 
> the updated git data into.

I realised that this part of docs was not properly updated after some
changes on blends.debian.org.  You actually need to login to dillon.d.o
and you need to be member of the blends group.  Documentation is updated
and your changes are published.
> > It is not important for me.  I was just wondering why you might create 
> > extra work for potential co-workers from the Blends team to join an 
> > additional team.  Did you set at least ACLs for DDs?
> Thank you for your kind [albeit less kindly phrased] suggestions.

Please take my potential unkind words as a (temporary?) lack of proper
phrasing skills.  It was not intended.

Kind regards



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