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Re: Boxer

Quoting Andreas Tille (2014-10-28 08:40:19)
> On Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 11:31:53PM +0100, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
>>> [...] I'd suggest you should add these two Blends to 
>>> http://blends.debian.org/ to let users know about these new Blends.
>> DebianParl is not a collection of packages - I consider it 
>> distracting and arguably even damaging to emphasize that aspect for 
>> DebianParl.
>> Is it possible to add a blend to that page promoting not metapackages 
>> and bugs but only Homepage of the blend?
> The page is an html page in git.  You can link to whatever you want 
> from there.  Last week I mentioned the doc where this is described[1] 
> here on this list.

Thanks.  Front page updated in git.

Website not updated - instructions for that seem wrong (outdated?): 
blends.debian.org is a round-robin of multiple hosts, and the one I 
randomly logged into didn't have a /srv/blends.debian.org dir to pull 
the updated git data into.

> It is not important for me.  I was just wondering why you might create 
> extra work for potential co-workers from the Blends team to join an 
> additional team.  Did you set at least ACLs for DDs?

Thank you for your kind [albeit less kindly phrased] suggestions.

[frustration venting - and hint on more to come - snipped]

 - Jonas

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