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Bug#766289: [HELP] Re: Bug#766289: http://blends.debian.net/edu/bugs/ misses education-desktop-mate

Hi Andreas,

On Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2014, Andreas Tille wrote:
> If you do not like the situation that the Debian Edu entry page is
> refering to a broken / outdated link I'd recommend reading...

well, I certainly don't like outdated / broken information, so I reported this 
bug. And here it ends where I care about these pages... I thought if we were 
using the framework, we would gain these pages. (And save some work.) Now I 
learn I'd need to do and learn more to maintain these pages. I'm not 
interested in this, sorry. Maybe someone else from Debian Edu is...

Feel free to close this bug if you are not interested in tracking it either!

I'm sorry that I'm not more interested in this issue and/or using all/more of 
the potential of blends-dev!


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