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[HELP] Re: Bug#766289: http://blends.debian.net/edu/bugs/ misses education-desktop-mate

Hi Holger,

thanks for the bug report.

On Wed, Oct 22, 2014 at 02:16:34AM +0200, Holger Levsen wrote:
> this is probably not a bug in the blends-dev package

Surely not a bug in blends-dev - but I leave it open to the package
since currently I'm afraid there is no better place to report this kind
of bugs.  May be we should also package the code that creates Blends web
pages even if it will be installed only on a very restricted number of

>,  but who knows ;)

Those small set of people who mind reading the Blends doc until the
technical appendix[1].
> http://blends.debian.net/edu/bugs/ misses the education-desktop-mate 
> metapackage which was introduced in jessie.

Yes.  Actually the bugs pages are not automatically updated at all.
Yes, this sucks but since about two years (or more) we have the
situation that the code which is used to render the bugs pages is
stressing UDD to hard to run regularly.  If you look on the bottom
of the page you can see a time stamp. :-(

I wrote a replacement which actually *is* updated and which can be
seen here:


This works for Debian Edu but for some strange reasons caused by some
encoding issues which I do not understand it does not work for instance
for Debian Games:


While its index page remains empty (this is refering to the *HELP* tag
in the subject of this mail) most single pages are rendered:


So while I have the option to either stress UDD with working code or
live with a few empty pages with code that uses UDD properly.

If you do not like the situation that the Debian Edu entry page is
refering to a broken / outdated link I'd recommend reading


I think I personally did more than enough to create these very simple
page for each Blends and was giving hints to enhance these pages *years*
ago.  I'm watching the Git commits to these pages and I'm volunteering
to `git pull` on blends.debian.org for those who do not have proper
permissions to bring the changes in effect.

Kind regards


[1] http://blends.debian.org/blends/apa.html#webpagecreation


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