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Adding game related tasks to tasksel (Was: Debian Games Pure Blend)

[Paul Wise]
> The installer, perhaps the d-i team would accept a "specialised tasks"
> submenu of tasksel? For that I guess each blend would need to produce
> one udeb providing details to tasksel? Is that something the
> blends-dev package could do semi-automatically?

There is no need to create a udeb for this.  The tasksel menu shown by
d-i is created by the tasksel package in the installed system, which is
called by the pkgsel udeb during installation.

So to create extra tasksel menu entries, you only need a normal deb with
files in /usr/share/tasksel and /usr/lib/tasksel.  See for example how
it is done in education-tasks or isenkram.  The former add a few new
tasks that are selected automatically during installation, the latter
add one task with content dynamically generated during installation
based on the set of hardware found on the machine.

The only d-i interaction needed would be to get the package with the
tasksel files installed before pkgsel calls tasksel.  This can be done
using a kernel argument during boot, preseeding, a udeb or by changing
d-i to install it by default.  And it can be done by asking the tasksel
maintainer to include the new tasks in the tasksel package itself.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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