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RE: Debian OTR team

Please also consider adding OTR to DebianParl (which is a Blend):




From: Andreas Tille [andreas@an3as.eu]
Sent: Thursday 3 April 2014 09:12
To: otr-dev@lists.cypherpunks.org; Debian OTR Team; Debian Pure Blends List
Subject: Re: Debian OTR team


I'd recommend using the Blends framework to assemble the according OTR

Thanks for starting this project


On Wed, Apr 02, 2014 at 08:39:05PM +0200, Holger Levsen wrote:
> originally-from: Jurre van Bergen <jurre@useotrproject.org>
> Today we launch the Debian OTR team. OTR stands for "Off-the-Record"
> messaging which provides encryption, authentication, deniability and
> perfect forward secrecy. The team was started by various maintainers of
> software that feature "OTR" support. OTR is used for instant messaging.
> It adds an encryption layer over existing instant messaging protocols
> like Jabber and IRC and is implemented in several instant messaging
> clients, which we aim to support and maintain in Debian.
> In a post-Snowden age, it is important that Debian provides encryption
> to those who want to protect their communications. OTR is one of the
> protocols that is relatively easy to use for end-users. Its end-to-end
> encryption makes it harder for attackers to decrypt the communication
> between two parties.
> The Debian OTR team is supported by OTR.im[1], a community of OTR
> developers, whose aim it is to work effectively together, peer-review
> each other's work and encourage people to step in and work together on
> the OTR ecosystem and OTR upstream.
> Now for the burning question, how can you contribute? We welcome any
> contribution! From bug reporting and triaging, to bugfixing, packaging
> and backporting. We will help newcomers if needed and are very grateful
> for your contribution!
> You can find the Debian OTR homepage with all the information on how to
> get involved there:
>     https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/OTR
> All the best,
> Debian OTR team.
> [1] https://www.otr.im/
> --
> http://jurrevanbergen.nl/
> --
> Developer at https://www.useotrproject.org/


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