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Re: problem with new blend

Hi Thorsten,

ist great that you try to start a new Blend.

On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 10:10:01AM +0100, Thorsten Alteholz wrote:
> Hi,
> according to http://blends.debian.org/blends/apa.html (A.4) one can do:
>  1. Login to blends.debian.org
>  2. sudo -u blends -s
>  3. cd /srv/blends.debian.org/webtools/
>  4. ./tasks.py <blend-name>
> Currently blends.debian.org is a CNAME for static.debian.org which
> points to three different IPs. Two of them don't allow login, the
> third (which is senfter) gives the following errors:

Hmmm, I think it is


where you need to login.  The host serving the web pages is
blends.debian.org  but I learned that this is the host where you
can login and that a script is moving the resulting static pages
to blends.debian.org.  I have updated the docs at:

>   alteholz@senfter:~$ sudo -u blends -s
>   sudo: unknown user: blends
>   sudo: unable to initialize policy plugin

I guess you need to apply to for permissions to become blends user
also on dillon.
>   alteholz@senfter:~$ cd /srv/blends.debian.org/webtools/
>   -bash: cd: /srv/blends.debian.org/webtools/: No such file or directory

This dir exists only on dillon.d.o.

However, even then you will have trouble to create any tasks pages
since you need to create a config file in


in the dir


I guess there are sufficiently enough examples.  When you login
to dillon and do

   cd /srv/blends.debian.org/webtools/
   git pull

the config file is put into place.  That's all in principle since the
cron job will pick this up automatically.  If you are unsure and want to
test first I can create a login at blends.debian.net which can be used
as a sandbox system to test everything.

Hope this helps



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