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problem with new blend


according to http://blends.debian.org/blends/apa.html (A.4) one can do:
 1. Login to blends.debian.org
 2. sudo -u blends -s
 3. cd /srv/blends.debian.org/webtools/
 4. ./tasks.py <blend-name>

Currently blends.debian.org is a CNAME for static.debian.org which points to three different IPs. Two of them don't allow login, the third (which is senfter) gives the following errors:

  alteholz@senfter:~$ sudo -u blends -s
  sudo: unknown user: blends
  sudo: unable to initialize policy plugin


  alteholz@senfter:~$ cd /srv/blends.debian.org/webtools/
  -bash: cd: /srv/blends.debian.org/webtools/: No such file or directory


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