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Re: Updating task screenshots from developer websites

Hi Collin,

thanks for your interest in Blends!

On Fri, Mar 14, 2014 at 03:14:26AM -0500, Collin Kewanee wrote:
> Hello all - I thought I would start going through the various
> blends' task pages and updating packages without screenshots with
> screenshots from the original developer's website wherever 
> possible.  
> 1.) Is there any reason why I should NOT do this?

We really appreciate your intent to enhance the user experience of
Debian packages since these screenshots are not only used at the Blends
pages but also in graphical user interfaces to install Debian packages.

The problem is that the screenshots of original developers websites not
always fit the criteria explained at


For instance there are screenshots which are obviosly taken on different
operating systems than Debian etc.  So please study the criteria first
and see whether they are fullfilled - otherwise it would be better to
try to create an own screenshot.  As far as I know (but I'm not sure)
there is some review process of the screenshots before they are accepted
(to prevent spammers placing their product as screenshot).  I think
keeping the reviewers busy with something they finally need to refuse is
no good service.

> 2.) Should I contact the blend's group beforehand?

This is not needed.  If you want to hear some friendly "Thanks for your
effort" words you might give them a hint.

> If I
> understand correctly, these images just go to screenshots.debian.net
> anyway.

Yes, they are on importet there and this is orthogonal to the Blends
effort which is just using one of the various Debian services.

Thanks again



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