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Debian-EzGo and Debian-Edu (Was: Blends-commit post from fweng-guest@users.alioth.debian.org requires approval)

Hi Franklin,

On Thu, Mar 06, 2014 at 03:52:57PM +0800, Franklin Weng wrote:
> Hi Andrew and Andres,
> Sorry again for this svn issue.  I've deleted the workaround folder from
> svn and moved it to my own git repository.

As I said there is no need to sorry about a mistake as long as it is
fixed (which is the case - thanks for this).
> Andrew would like me to explain what I want to do now to you.  So here I
> describe our goal and what I want to do now.  To avoid disturbing other
> folks in debian-blends mailing list, I sent this to you both first.  Please
> feel free if you think your answers can be shared to any mailing list.

I'm always in favour of open discussion and it would have been really
apropriate if you would have posted this directly to the list.  There
is no reason to be shy in posting - we all would be happy to learn
about your plans and like to help where possible.
> Since the NTPC project last year [1] we got some feedback and would like to
> build up a total solutions for computer classrooms in schools in Taiwan.
>  Eric Sun, one of our partner, suggested me to study skolelinux
> (debian-edu).  So I took several weeks and did some experiments with our
> partners.  The performance was good, and we started to think about how to
> customizing it to fit our needs.
> We have a conference in April, so we hope to make a demo version before the
> end of March so that we can show this to everyone in that conference.
>  After contacting with some debian edu developers like Mike Gabriel, Petter
> Reinholdsten, and Jonas Smedegaard, we decided to follow the example of
> itzks-system [2], that is, install debian-edu first then install some
> debian packages for customizing.  I then think of that debian-ezgo, a
> debian blend by Andrew.  Our target is very much like what debian-ezgo
> should do, so I asked Andrew if I can start debian-ezgo or not.  He agreed.
> So I studied itzks-system and read some documents like Debian Policy to
> study how to make debian packages.  My plan is to generate several debian
> packages with one source:
> ezgo-common
> ezgo-menu
> ezgo-artwork
> ezgo-phet
> ...
> and maybe more.  So I collect the files I need in the workaround folder and
> prepare to generate debian packages, like what itzks-system did.
> I'm now using my own git repository to restore the working files.  If I can
> handle all these, I think I'll be able to integrate them into debian ezgo
> blends so that we can easily customizing any debian system into ezgo.
> Any help and guide will be very appreciated.

Did you contacted Debian Edu people *on their list*?  I'm reading also
the Debian Edu - may be I simply overlooked this.  My (may be a bit to
short) advise would be to create packages of those things you need (and
what was perhaps inside the large commit as real Debian packages.  I
really hope that meanwhile in the Debian Edu Alioth project might be
some room for Git packaging repositories to host the packaging stuff
properly (could somebody from Debian Edu please confirm).

Once the packaging work is done you might adapt the ezgo-* metapackages
to include these.

I'm not fully sure if my advise fits your plan.  If not please be more
specific what you are missing in Debian Edu to make some EzGo out of it
and please excuse that some poor mind as me who is only trained with
ASCII characters (+ some Umlauts) has no idea about the specifics of
Asian fonts and character systems.

Kind regards

> Thanks,
> Franklin
> [1]:
> http://dot.kde.org/2013/10/02/ezgo-free-and-open-source-software-taiwans-schools
> [2]: http://code.it-zukunft-schule.de/gitweb?p=itzks-systems.git;a=summary


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