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Re: Blends-commit post from fweng-guest@users.alioth.debian.org requires approval

Hi Andrew,

On Thu, Mar 06, 2014 at 04:41:25AM +0800, Andrew Lee wrote:
> Hi Andreas and other folks,
> I am very sorry about that.This is my fault as that I didn't explain enough
> to Franklin who would like to adopt ezgo blends.

There is no need to sorry here - we all make mistakes and this one is
probably easy to fix.

> Hi Frinklin,
> As what Andreas said. This is a shared svn to other blends too. Please
> revert the unrelated stuff and be more verbose to explain what you like to
> approach before action. I am sure there are better solutions as what seems
> to me that
> 1. The PhET stuff could be a separate package and may be useful for others
> too.
> 2. Your hacks for ezgo menu entries could be integrated in a better way.
> I may guide you how to do these in a better way. In first stage, what we
> should do is sync packages that ships in ezgo with the tasks under
>     ezgo/trunk/debian-ezgo/tasks/.
> Would you mind to do this as learn how blends works as a starter?

I'd happily help with any question - preferably here over the Debian
Blends list.

Kind regards



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