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Moved debian-science source package with tasks files from SVN to Git


there seemed to be consensus that Git would be prefered over SVN and
thus I moved the Debian Science source package from




A hint

Format: 1
Status: git
SVNDeleteRevision: 3910
URL: git://git.debian.org/blends/projects/science.git
Comment: >
  This package is now managed in a Git repository.

was droped at the old location to inform people who might not have
received this change.  It seems to be reasonable to push an upload in
the next couple of days to reflect this change also in the Debian
package pool (in case somebody wants to debcheckout or things like

I also would like switch the packaging to the new method to create
d/control which was developed by Emmanouil Kiagias in his GSoC project.
Since there is some more coordination needed I will not do this with
the sooner update I mentioned above.

Kind regards



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