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Re: [GSoC] UDD importer broken with versioned depends

Hello Andreas,

I tried the blends-metadata importer recently and noticed that it is
broken when trying to import the versions task from the fun (=debug)
Blend.  I guess you have some uncommited changes that are able to
deal with this.  As far as I remember we decided to not support any
versioned depends but the importer should be able to deal with this
for instance by reporting a warning

   "ignore versioned depends for package xy"

or so.  I hope my memory is correct - if not please correct me. 
After the talk we had at DebConf I stopped working on versioned dependencies  thus I stopped deploying the importer to handle them.  I thought the importer was already able to deal with this (in the handle_dep_line() in blends_metadata_importer ) by just removing the versioned depends before parsing the actual packages. To be honest I don't remember if we said to actual print a warning message in such cases.
So do you have any patches that enable to properly import the whole
fun Blend?

 So no for the moment I do not have any patches. 

In these cases do you want to print a warning message message?

Kind regards


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