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Re: Planning a Debian Pure Blend: Halconix

Hi Luis,

On 11-12-09 at 02:25pm, Luis Arturo Roa Mora wrote:

> It is intended to re-re-release Halconix:
> * Using the Debian Pure Blend approach.

> * Modify the installer again, this time including only the graphic 
> one.
> * We plan to use Gnome 2.32 desktop environment for its stability and 
> for their support of Spanish, but we accept ideas to include KDE or 
> * We are coordinating with a group of Graphic Designers of UV, the 
> Halconix logo, and creating application icons, so Halconix can have a 
> custom theme that is used by default in the GUI.

That sounds really interesting that you want to use the Debian Pure 
Blends approach for future development of Halconix.  I would be happy to 
help with that!


Looking at above, it seems that in fact you will *not* be aiming for a 
Debian Pure Blend.  So maybe you have misunderstood the term (don't 
worry, you are not at all the first one to do that), or perhaps I 
misunderstand your vision for Halconix.

When you take Debian and extend it beyond what was produced in Debian - 
add your own pieces (like artwork) on top, mix stable components with 
unstable or testing or non-free or maybe even non-Debian-produced ones - 
then you are *deriving* from Debian.  And when you plan to redistribute 
your result to others (not just use it yourself) you are making a 
"derived distribution".

To "blend" Debian is to customize the pieces provided by Debian 
*without* extending with other parts and without breaking the barriers 
that Debian has setup between stable, testing, non-free etc.

When you redistribute a "blend", you cannot do that without "cheating" a 
bit - because the install routines (e.g. added by debian.live) is not 
officially Debian.  Maybe you also do other small tweaks and adjustments 
e.g. to configuration files that is not officially Debian but things you 
then later try getting adopted by Debian.  Such deriving while trying 
hard not to drift away from Debian is called a "Debian Blend".

A "Debian Pure Blend" is when you succeed doing blending effort where 
all parts, also the install routines and the configurations needed, are 
part of Debian itself.

If you really want to try getting Halconix adopted into Debian itself, 
then please (subscribe to and ) post only to the debian-blends list.

If, on the other hands, you want to keep Halconix as a separate external 
project, you can either continue discussing on debian-user or maybe the 
debian-live list.  You might also be interested in ou efforts to share 
ressources among derivatives: http://wiki.debian.org/Derivatives/Census

Whatever you do, please avoid cross-posting to multiple lists.

Good luck with your project, wherever it goes :-)

 - Jonas

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