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Planning a Debian Pure Blend: Halconix

Hello everyone, Greetings from Xalapa, Ver México, My name is Luis Mora Arturo Roa, the reason for this message is to requesthelp from the community to take forward a project we have in mind here in the UV http:// www.uv.mx/  The project itself has already launched a year ago, it's name is Halconix
http://www.halconix.org/, but currently has not received any updates nor support, nor the necessary diffusion. I took this project because I like free software and I wish my university community can know and benefit from it.

* Halconix was created from Lenny  using Debian Live.
* My teammates modified the installer in text mode.

It is intended to re-re-release Halconix:

* Using the Debian Pure Blend approach.
* Modify the installer again, this time including only the graphic one .
* We plan to use Gnome 2.32 desktop environment for its stability and for their support of Spanish, but we accept ideas to include KDE or XFCE.
* We are coordinating with a group of Graphic Designers of UV, the Halconix logo, and creating application icons, so Halconix can have a custom theme that is used by default in the GUI.

In the next few hours I will open an exclusive list so you can get more information about this project, if you´re interested .

Thank you very much for reading this note, I hope I can assist. Good Afternoon. :)

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