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Debian games blends, possible improvements to blends pages

Hi all,

I noticed some games blends have been added to the blends project on
alioth and wondered who in the games team added these. Ben Armstrong and
I had a short discussion on the blends infrastructure and games team.

It would be nice to have some better metrics about how the team is doing
and who is active where. For example commits to the VCS, bugs closed,
uploads done. Is anyone planning on working on that?

Who is supposed to be maintaining the games blends tasks?

<pabs> SynrG: did you get this added?
<pabs> we only had these before: http://wiki.debian.org/Games/Blends
* pabs guesses Andreas did
<SynrG> ya. not me
<SynrG> so we peaked in 2008. but the good news is (if more emails is an
indicator of project vitality) we seem to be on the rise in 2011 (which
is not over yet)
<pabs> we have a lot of pending packages if pet and the lists is
anything to go by
<pabs> and I haven't read pkg-games-devel in months
<SynrG> one problem with those stats is that if you take a very long
period of time and measure total output for only the top people ...
<SynrG> if you have extremely large output from old members who no
longer contribute it bumps people off the list who are current and
making significant contributions, yet not high enough to make the graph
<pabs> yeah
<SynrG> take eddy, barry and miriam, for instance.  three people with
contributions under the 137 mark don't appear on the 2011 graph. your
own contribution, though, that totals ...
<pabs> personally I'd prefer a team with more people that one with less
<SynrG> 323, averaged over those years ...
<SynrG> which means people could easily be producing more traffic under
the 137 mark this year than you and yet not be on the graph
<SynrG> i think at the very least it needs some "catch-all" bars for the
other list members
<SynrG> e.g. 100-137 posts (aggregated), 50-99, 25-49, 10-24, 1-9
<SynrG> or whatever categories make sense
<SynrG> or maybe it should wholly be such aggregate bars, as this is not
a popularity contest
<pabs> maybe it needs to integrate wit PET to show non-list activity too
<SynrG> feel free to quote any of what i said above on the list and/or
to andreas.



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