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python-cdd ???

Hi Otavio,

when seeking site:debian.org for not yet replaced strings of CDD (some
Wiki pages had dangling symlinks) I noticed by chance that you keep on
maintaining the package python-cdd (other authors inside the code in CC
as well as blends list).  I found 10 hits on debian-custom list about
this back in 2006 (when I was occupied by real life issues) and I have
even seen responding me to one post with the request to add some
documentation.  I admit I totally lost it out of focus and forgot about
its existence - schame on me (and I obviosely missed the chance to
dicsuss with you about it at DebConf :-().

Could you please give some short overview about usage.  According to
your advise I tried `pydoc cdd` which is refering to
http://projetos.ossystems.com.br/python-cdd which throws 404 and there
is not really much information given by pydoc.

The only thing that I can find vie apt-cache rdepends is
debpartial-mirror which is using python-cdd.

So could you please be a bit more verbose about its use.  Is there any
use in our Blends effort?  I'm specifically asking because I would like
to do some code rewrite sooner or later and I would like to make sure
that I will not miss some helpful code.

Kind regards



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