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Question about Debian Installer and Simple-CDD


I am using simple-cdd to make my custom debian install cd. 
Strictly speaking I am just trying to automate instalation of my debian-servers 
and creating my own instal cd looks like a good solution.
I have tested simple-cdd with custom preseed file (folowing the howto http://wiki.debian.org/Simple-CDD/Howto)
and it worked fine, but when I added post-inst script, it didn't do any changes.

In folder profiles/ I have files MINIMAL.preseed (containing functional preseed file) and MINIMAL.postinst.
File MINIMAL.postinst contains

mkdir -p /target
touch /target/foofile

Then I executed "simple-cdd --profiles MINIMAL"

After automatic instalation, I checked / on my new system and I found neither foofile nor directory target.
(To explain the target thing, I remember, that debian installer installs everything to /target and this then becomes the root system,
and I wasn't sure whether postinst script operates on debian-installer root or installed system root)

This proved me, that I don't understand this and therefore I need to ask:
How does the postinst script work in debian-installer?
How can I check, whether simple-cdd included my postinst script indo my iso?

Thanks in advance for any helpful hints :)


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