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Behaviour for missing homepage field in prospective packages


I'm currently rewriting the code which renders the web sentinel tasks
pages and stumbled upon one issue.  When writing the former code I
intended to implement it this way that for a package which is not in
the Debian pool to fields are mandatory:

  Homepage and Pkg-Description

When comparing the rendering result of the old and the new code I
realised that the old code did not matched my specification because even
if the (prospective) package nest is lacking a Homepage field it is
rendered at


The new code will just cause an intry in the logs:

ERROR - blendstasktools.py (1495): Package nest neither in pool nor new and has no homepage information - ignored   

and no paragraph for nest will be rendered because the field is missing
(see below for a snipped from the relevan tasks file).  The question is
now:  What behaviour would you consider reasonable?  Should we enforce
specifying a homepage field or not?  (This question is not only
targetting against this specific package but in general.)

Kind regards


Snippet from tasks/neuroscience-modeling:

 ; Added by blends-inject 0.0.5. [Please note here if modified manually]
Suggests: nest
Responsible: Yury V. Zaytsev <yury@shurup.com>
License: non-FOSS
Vcs-Browser: http://git.zaytsev.net/?p=nest-packaging.git;a=summary
Vcs-Git: git://git.zaytsev.net/nest-packaging.git
Pkg-URL: http://git.zaytsev.net/?p=nest-packaging.git;a=summary
Pkg-Description: A simulator for networks of spiking neurons
 NEST is a simulation system for large networks of biologically realistic
 point-neurons and neurons with a small number of electrical compartments.
Published-Authors: Gewaltig M-O and Diesmann M
Published-In: Scholarpedia 2(4):1430
Published-Title: NEST (Neural Simulation Tool)
Published-Year: 2007
Registration: http://www.nest-initiative.org/download/Software:Download.php
Remark: Mentioned packaging is not providing NEST itself but rather only packaging materials so you could


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