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Re: Bugs #577062, #601959, #603853: Please unblock blends, debian-junior, debian-med, debian-science

On 23/11/2010 21:32, Andreas Tille wrote:

I would like to ask you for unblocking the following packages

    debian-med     version 1.8    (closes: #603853)

Unblocked, will migrate tonight.

    debian-science version 0.12   (closes: #601959)

Unblocked and migrated.

    debian-junior  version 1.20   (closes: #577062)

Unblocked and migrated.

    blends         version 0.6.15 (packages above (Build-)Depend
                                   from this)

Unblocked and migrated.

Thanks for your work,

Mehdi Dogguy مهدي الدڤي

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