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Re: Blends meets DebTags


On Thu, 2009-06-18 at 00:00 +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Regarding DebTags
> -----------------
> I left out the tags matching
>    implemented-in::*
>    protocol::*
>    *::TODO
>    *not-yet-tagged*
> because I do not really regard these of high relevance
> for the user oriented tasks pages.  What do you think about
> this decision?

Sounds good except for protocol:: which IMO could be useful for quite
some users (E.g. I might want to search for an IMAP capable e-mail

> If no debtags (or only those mentioned above) were attached
> to a package I used a link named "go tagging" but I did not
> found a direct link to tag the package in question. 

I would show the link always, if *not-yet-tagged* is available, which
basically means that there has never been a human who removed that tag
(i.e. no one confirmed that the tagging is completed for the package).
Of course you should show the tags for the package then (if any other
than those above).

>  DebTaggers -
> what is the link if I want to tag for instance package gamgi?

It seems you got it alright.

> BTW, the DebTag editor seem to be broken currently!!!

Seems to be fixed now.

Perhaps a tooltip for "Go tagging" would be helpful, explaining that
tagging for the package is not yet finshed and people are welcome to
complete the tagging.

Best regards


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