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Blends meets DebTags


another round of implementation of UDD features for the blends
tasks pages was done.  The additional information on the tasks
pages is

  1. Popcon data
  2. DebTags

I would like you to visit the result at the

    http://blends.debian.net/<your blend>/tasks

on the inofficial blends testing site.  Unfortunately my
last request for testing and comments[1] remained unanswered
which is a shame because I relay on your response how to
proceed.  What do you think about the Java-Script using
buttons for the extra information?

Regarding DebTags

I left out the tags matching


because I do not really regard these of high relevance
for the user oriented tasks pages.  What do you think about
this decision?

If no debtags (or only those mentioned above) were attached
to a package I used a link named "go tagging" but I did not
found a direct link to tag the package in question.  DebTaggers -
what is the link if I want to tag for instance package gamgi?

BTW, the DebTag editor seem to be broken currently!!!

Any comments are welcome.

Next step will be inclusion of screenshots which are just
imported into UDD.

Kind regards


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-blends/2009/06/msg00001.html


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