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Re: Bug#514023: lists.debian.org: Request for debian-blends mailing list

On 23:00 Wed 04 Feb 2009, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Rationale: The rationale behind this is that
>  the debian-custom list is overloaded with to in principle
>  different topics:
>   1. Issues concerning Custom Debian Distributions which
>      are now renamed to Debian Pure Blends.  This fact
>      itself might be a valid reason to register a new
>      list - but the old list might have worked so far if
>      the list description would have been fixed.
>   2. Issues regarding SimpleCDD and ways how to customize
>      your very own customized Debian.  This discussion is
>      orthogonal to the sense of Debian Pure Blends and is
>      finally the main reason for this whole stupid renaming
>      business: Bluring the topic because of missunderstandings
>      of the concept.

It's my understanding that Debian Pure Blends is the rename of the CDD
project. Is that correct? If it's basically the same thing, I believe
renaming the list would suffice, unless there's an actual reason why to
leave -custom orphaned and unattended.

>  While the discussion of issues of type 2 is perfectly valid
>  we just would leave the old list which was intended to serve
>  as discussion forum for CDDs / Blends to those who like to
>  do other things and ask for a new mailing list debian-blends.

I see no difference on renaming the list and re-start using it as Pure
Blends. It makes not too much sense to just drop other list which
archive could be useful for other people too and pretend that the CDD
list was never there.

Please consider my opinions above.

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