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customized distro based on testing but with unstable...


I want to try to build my own distro, its planned to be my own audio distro but want others to be able to download it and use it.

Although it will be based on testing (nice balance between stability and 'up to date') I also want to be able to install packages from unstable. Because it's gonna be a audio distro I want to be able to install the latest audio software (e.g. ardour, jack etc.)

You you give some advise for building a distro?

- how should I manage testing and unstable (some audio packages) in such a manner that it gives a stable system as possible and taking care in a good way about the dependencies ?

- how can I make an distro which is usable for as many people as possible (I'm thinking about hardware for instance).

- Maybe it would be a nice idea to share 'my build' audio packages with the maintainers of Debian, so that Debian also has the latests audio packages...

I'm looking forward for your help and advices.



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