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Re: relacing udeb

On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 5:03 AM, Otavio Salvador <otavio@debian.org> wrote:
"Paras pradhan" <pradhanparas@gmail.com> writes:

> On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 5:31 PM, Paras pradhan <pradhanparas@gmail.com> wrote:
>     I don't know if this is right place to ask but I am assuming this is.
>     I have extracted rootskel-gtk udeb , made some changes and recreated the udeb file. Now where do I place this modified file before doing: make netboot_gtk. I copied it to apt.udeb but the i the modifed udeb is not being used.
>     Thanks
>     Paras.
> Sorry, i forgot to mention that,,, the question is related to building debian installer.

installer/build/localudebs.  Take a look at our wiki since it has a
bunch of useful information for customizers...

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I have done it but the modified one is not coming up.

Here is what i have done:

1) fakeroot make netboot-gtk

2) Copied and modified rootskel-gtk-1.15_i386.udeb from builder/installer/apt-udeb

3) Placed the modified udeb file to installer/build/localudebs

4) Then run fakeroot make netboot-gtk again

Not coming up... 

Also the pointer relating to this issue to the wiki will be greatly appreciated.


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