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Re: linux-image issue

On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 01:09:45AM +0100, Raymond.Schneider@swisscom.com wrote:
> Hello… I’m attempting to use Simple-CDD to build an iso for a system and Im
> running into a problem getting a custom kernel installed. I have it stored in a
> local directory that I am passing to build-simple-cdd via the –local-packages
> option and I can build the iso. The problem comes during installation. The iso
> fails to ‘unpack’ the linux-image package, and then the install is effectively
> over. It does the whole “will attempt to…. Up to 5 times….’
> This leads me to my question… what is the preferred methodology for getting a
> custom kernel package both included in a profile and installed when building a
> custom iso via simple-cdd?

don't include it in profile/YOURPROFILE.packages, rather include it in
profile/YOURPROFILE.downloads, otherwise it will attempt to install too early.

you'll probably also want to set in profile/YOURPROFILE.conf:


otherwise, the cd build will not fail if your kernel package is missing.

you might need to play with preseeding to get it to automatically select your
kernel package. i'm not positive this is still the right question, but maybe in

  d-i base-installer/kernel/which-kernel      select YOUR_CUSTOM_LINUX_IMAGE 

live well,

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