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Re: Name poll (Was: New name: Call for opinions)

On Tue, 7 Oct 2008, Charles Plessy wrote:

« Un blend ou blended whisky est un whisky issu de l'assemblage de
whiskies d’une ou de plusieurs distilleries. Il peut contenir des
whiskies de différentes années, de différentes origines (single malt,
bourbons, ryes) mélangés à du whisky de grain voire de l’alcool neutre. »

OK, I've read the German version ... ;-)

It is saying that a blend:

- Can be a mix from different vendors,

As I said: If you regard different Debian maintainers as "vendors" it
fits - if you regard Debian, Ubuntu, Xandros, etc. as different vendors
it will fail.  But any name without a definition that describes what
we mean will fail.

- Can be a mix between whisky and white alcool.

Well, if it tastes nicely - why not?

If we identify Debian as a brewery and our CDDs as whiskys, "Blend" in
French conveys a completely wrong message.

Well, I do not think that CDDs reached nearly the importance that
the relation to these subprojects would qualify for an identification
based on this - I think in a questionaire amongst DDs what CDDs are
would reveal depressing results.

I may be overcautious, but the conclusion I want to give is: test the
name in real life before adopting it.

Any idea how to test the name?
Any suggestion what to do next?

Kind regards


BTW, what came into my mind as well:
In how far is RedHat a hat and why is it red?
How human is Ubuntu?
Mandrake is a poisonous plant.
What at all means Xandros?
What is so shiny on Sun?
Should we rather follow the Deb-Ian idea and take DebIan KatAnds (well
my wife is named Katrin so Kat+And) - and no I really do not mean this
honest - I just wonder how difficult the science to find a name might
be and what discussion was done for inventing the ones above and many
others ... even micro and soft seems to work for names - I guess nobody
has thought it in the beginning.


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