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Re: Name poll (Was: New name: Call for opinions)

On Fri, 26 Sep 2008, Andreas Tille wrote:

Once the poll is restarted from scratch no additional name suggestions
will be accepted.  The new name will be in the set specified inside
the poll.

People several times criticised that this type of poll is inferior
to a condorset voting method.  In the case of an unclear result
with 2 or 3 competing names I would suggest to take all names
which at least reach a number of 70% of the maximum votes (so
if the "winner" get 10 votes take all the names that at least get
7 votes) and put them into a condorset ballot (including the
"non of the above" option).  This sounds like a lot of effort
for just finding a name (I never thought that I would do this
just to find a name) but I was convinced that it needs some effort
to find general acceptance and I would really like to make sure
that people accept the change.

Here is the set those naming suggestions that reached the limit I have
set above:

   Debian Pure Blends            16 votes
   Debian Spins                  14 votes
   Integrated Debian Projects    12 votes
   Debian Slice                  12 votes

70% of 16 is 11.2 so every other suggestion like

   Debian Remix                  11 votes
   Debian Integrated Solutions    9 votes
   Debian subproject              9 votes
   Integrated Debian Distribution 8 votes

are below in the doodle poll for a new name.


Looking further that
   9 of 14 voters for Debian Spins voted for Debian Pure Blends as well,
   7 of 12 voters for Integrated Debian Projects voted for Debian Pure
           Blends as well,
   5 of 12 voters for Debian Slice voted for Debian Pure Blends as well,
seems to give a hint that we might have some kind of raw consensus for the
suggestion that at least won the Doodle poll.

My personal opinion: I liked it from the beginning when I heard the suggestion
the first time at Extremadura meeting.

To come to a final conclusion for a new name I would like to know whether
a considerable number of people insist on a condorset voting and if these
people would volunteer to support this voting by spending some time on the
technical details.  My problem is that I'll be offline next week and as
I told you I would like to see a consensus until OSWC (actually I will
have ma talk at 22. October).  So there is not much time left.  So in
case you have honest concerns about Debian Pure Blends or you feel the
way we found this name is really inacceptable speak up now and ask for a
condorcet voting about the four suggestions above.  It would be nice if
you would add to this request your involvement into the stuff we are
talking about - I just have read a few names on the poll I do not remember
from one of the mailing list.

Kind regards and thanks for joining the poll


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