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Re: Name poll (Was: New name: Call for opinions)

On Fri, 26 Sep 2008, Andreas Tille wrote:

So we decided to remove all votes from the
current ballot next Monday morning

This happened now because nobody showe up who found a way to change
a vote on doodle.

and start voting again about
the suggestions which are known at this point in time.

For the record:

  12 votes: Debian Spins
  11 votes: Debian Remix
  10 votes: Debian Pure Blends

All other suggestions got less than 8.4 (70% of 12) votes and thus
would be below the limit I suggested for a potential condorset voting
in case we have no clear winner (I would not regard the result above
as a clear winning situation).

This is
the reason why I post to all these lists:

 If you have an additional suggestion just suggest it *NOW*.

There were no additional suggestions with the syntax I asked you
to use until now (I hope that there was no technical reason for
this - some network restructuring at my institute might have delayed
some mails but this should have been sorted out since hours).

So please go now to


and vote about a name.  I would apreciate if you use firstname
and surname.  It makes it easier to identify people in case of

Kind regards



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