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Name poll (Was: New name: Call for opinions)

Hi once more to all related lists,

my suggestion for a new name received a lot of comments and it turned
out that I got not so much positive reactions on the mailing list than
when discussing it with people at DebConf.  The consequence of the
discussion of the debian-custom mailing list was that we try to reach
a consensus using a Doogle poll.  I know that not all people who are
involved in these user oriented projects are reading the debian-custom
list and so I would like to advertise this poll on all list I feel
relevant.  If you want to answer this mail please go to debian-custom

Technical hint: We found out that it seems not to be possible with
Doodle to change a vote.  So if there comes an additional name
suggestion in and it is added to the poll previous voters can not
vote for it any more (if somebody knows Doodle better - just share
your knowledge!).  So we decided to remove all votes from the
current ballot next Monday morning and start voting again about
the suggestions which are known at this point in time.  This is
the reason why I post to all these lists:

  If you have an additional suggestion just suggest it *NOW*.

So there are three days left for additional suggestions and I explained
here[1] the syntax how to ask me to add a new name to the poll.  (I
only accept this and not a set of roughly written thoughts inside a
free text.)

Once the poll is restarted from scratch no additional name suggestions
will be accepted.  The new name will be in the set specified inside
the poll.

People several times criticised that this type of poll is inferior
to a condorset voting method.  In the case of an unclear result
with 2 or 3 competing names I would suggest to take all names
which at least reach a number of 70% of the maximum votes (so
if the "winner" get 10 votes take all the names that at least get
7 votes) and put them into a condorset ballot (including the
"non of the above" option).  This sounds like a lot of effort
for just finding a name (I never thought that I would do this
just to find a name) but I was convinced that it needs some effort
to find general acceptance and I would really like to make sure
that people accept the change.

For those people who are interested enough in this mail and read
until the end here is the URL of the poll:


Kind regards




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