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Re: SPLASHPNG on Lenny

On Fri, 5 Sep 2008 07:57:29 -0300
Flávio Eduardo de Andrade <flavio@voffice.com.br> wrote:

> Hi, 
> I'm trying to create a different SPLASH image in my CD. I have
> changed the default.conf to 
> export
> SPLASHPNG="/root/vts-lenny/tmp/debian-cd/data/lenny/splashn.png" 
> I see in the output the mesages of ppmquant running.
> Using ISOLINUX boot-disks image on CD1
> ppmquant: making histogram...
> ppmquant: 14 colors found
> ppmquant: choosing 16 colors...
> ppmquant: mapping image to new colors...
> 204800 pixels, 8724 bytes, (91.48% compression)
> But whan I start the ISO, I receive the same default image in the
> Installer Boot Menu.  After some debugging I found that the file
> debian-cd/tools/boot/lenny/boot-i386 had only two lines compared to
> more than 100 lines of etch/boot-i386. 

The splash screen you want to change is the debian-installer one, which
is defined in debian-installer/i386/boot-screens I believe.  I'm not
sure where debian-cd gets that info from, but when doing a netboot
that's the directory and I think the cd uses the same final directory.
Where in debian-cd you'd look, I'm not sure.

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