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Re: New name: Call for opinions

On Mon, 25 Aug 2008, JR Richardson wrote:

I consider myself a common debian user, since 2001.....ok, maybe more
of an advanced common user.  I consider CDD inside Debian.

I happened upon CDD after doing a google search for 'custom debian
install cd' and in the first link site, within the first line was a
reference to Simple-CDD, which I followed and was glad to read, it was
very much what I wanted to accomplish.

I'm glad that you are proving my point here.  The thing is that Simple-CDD
is actually a misuse of the term CDD.  This does not mean that Simple-CDD
is not a nice and handy tool for several circumstances.  It can help in to
solve specific problems of users and finally it is a tool provided as a
Debian package which works on the Debian package pool and thus it deserves
the term "internal".

But the fact that the tool is called Simple-CDD is one of the first famous
misunderstandings the badly choosen name for the concept has triggered.
In fact what Simple-CDD *fits* the name much better than what we have in
mind and I would never suggest to change the name of this tool.  But it
is just not what we have written down in the docs which are available at


So I would actually leave Simple-CDD with the name which fits and make
sure that all people who have read the doc above and would like to
work on the principles behind will not confuse this.

I don't think that the name is very critical, as long as a user can
search with various 'like' descriptions of what they are trying to
accomplish and can arrive at the desired material.

For what it's worth, on my CDD, I labeled it, 'JR's Custom Etch w/dev's'

And the "my" in your statement is a critical sign that you have
not read the doc above and are not comfortable with the goals we
try to approach in a large team effort inside Debian.

In my opinion your mail is a clear "+1" for renaming.

Kind regards



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