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Re: Working on the tasks pages

On Wed, 4 Jun 2008, Leopold Palomo Avellaneda wrote:

well, I don't know if a "public" comment could be useful. I'm just putting the
idea over the table.

This is right.  We could easily implement a public comment - but up to now there
was just no request for this.  Strictly speaking anything that is no known
field name that is interpreted could serve as a comment in the tasks file.  If
we settle down on a certain field name as publich comment this would not really
hard to implement.

Depends/Recommends/Suggests are packages already in debian.

and package
are software NOT in debian and proposed to package. That's the difference.

No, there is no such field name "Package".  The algorithm is explained in


Yu declare every package name as "Depends/Recommends/Suggests".  In case
such a package shows up on the mirror automatically the package description
will be displayed.  If there is no such package name found the tasks file
could provide the infromation which is needed.

Kind regards



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