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Re: [lessdisks] Re: Some notes on the next generation LTSP (getting LTSP into Debian/main)

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On 28-07-2005 22:56, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:
>>>i'd still like to explore ways that we can coordinate ltsp and lessdisks
>>>development(at least in the context of debian and ubuntu), since there
>>>is so much overlap, now...
>>My source code archive is here:
>>development is taking place on ltsp--main--0.
>>If you have identified some specific areas where we could share code, that
>>would be a good start.
> main area is in the chroot installation (server/ltsp-build-client).
> biggest problem is that everything is hard-coded.  petter proposed a
> patch to change some of the values using commandline options, i think.
> specificly, all of these should be configurable: ROOT, DIST, MIRROR, the
> mirror components, the packages, kernel-img.conf options, what
> additional scripts to run (ltsp-update-kernels, ltsp-update-sshkeys)
> the lessdisks-install script from lessdisks has many comparable values,
> and they are also configurable:
> http://cvs.freegeek.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/lessdisks/install/usr-sbin/lessdisks-install?rev=HEAD
> lessdisks-install has considerably more complexity than
> ltsp-build-client (for better and worse- the cold is old and crusty),
> and i would like to consider writing a more generic chroot installation
> tool.  it seems like it would be easier to adapt (or re-write)
> lessdisks-install to be able to install ltsp than the other way around.
> and since lessdisks-install is in need of a re-write, i figure it might
> be worth writing a generic chroot installation tool that can meet both
> ltsp and lessdisks needs, and hopefully other chroot installations as
> well.
> a big difference between the two scripts is that lessdisks-install
> actually runs a significant portion of the install chrooted, to make it
> less dependent on what exact version of lessdisks is installed on the
> server and in the chroot.  it first installs the lessdisks-terminal
> package, which contains a script the lessdisks-install runs chrooted.
> on another note, i propose to carry on discussion on the debian-edu
> list. would anyone like to be removed from the CC list on this thread?

Please move discussion to debian-custom instead. This topic does not
sound that very specific to education...

I have taken the bold step and cross-posted. Please follow-up only to
debian-custom and the individuals (possibly) not subscribed there.


 - Jonas

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