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Re: simple-cdd 0.2.0

> > local_packagtes is very limited.  it doesn't download the packages,
> > doesn't do dependency resolution, 
> That's a major problem for me. The packages I build do reply on Sarge
> packages. Trying to manually track the dependencies has proven to be a
> time-consuming and error-prone task.

i welcome your patch to fix this :)

i would gladly incorporate such a patch, but at the moment, i have
limited time to work on it myself, unfortunately. i had big chunks of
free time this weekend, which is why i worked on it as much as i did.

> > > * checkpackages has no idea about local_packages . 
> > 
> > i tried to fix this in svn.  not sure if it works.
> > 
> > > * checkpackages also has some bashism in it (my shell is bash, but the
> > >   script is /bin/sh)
> dash is useful for that. '$()' is bash-specific. 

works in dash for me:

$ echo x$(which echo)x

also works with posh.

if you can find documentation that this is not bourne shell compatible,
you should file bugs against dash and/or posh about it.

> I attach my version of the script.

in the future, if you could attach a patch using 'diff -u OLDFILE
NEWFILE' that would be nicer.

> Also grep for '$@' . You should use '"$@"' (with quotes) for everything
> that is not a makefile, normally. Otherwise it will not handle
> parameters with spaces inside gracefully.
> qemu-test seems to have that.

again, could you specify exactly where this occurs, and file a patch
with how you'd like it handled.

> > > * the debian-cd now barks off when creaing a disk about a syntax error
> > >   with '(' . Could not work around it yet.
> >  
> > what version of debian-cd ?  i have only tested with 2.2.22.
> Me too. The following patch to /usr/share/debian-cd/Makefile fixes the
> problem:
> --- /usr/share/debian-cd/Makefile.orig  2005-07-26 21:35:35.000000000 +0300
> +++ /usr/share/debian-cd/Makefile       2005-07-26 21:32:35.000000000 +0300
> @@ -433,7 +433,7 @@
>         for i in $(BDIR)/*.packages; do \
>                 num=$${i%%.packages}; num=$${num##$(BDIR)/}; \
>                 dir=$(BDIR)/CD$$num; \
> -               echo -n $(BINDISKINFO) | sed 's/_NONUS//g' > $$dir/.disk/info; \
> +               echo -n "$(BINDISKINFO)" | sed 's/_NONUS//g' > $$dir/.disk/info; \
>                 echo '#define DISKNAME ' $(BINDISKINFOND) | sed 's/_NONUS//g' \
>                                         > $$dir/README.diskdefines; \
>                 echo '#define TYPE  binary' \
> (double quotes around the argument of '-n')

maybe this should be filed against debian-cd?

i will include the patch in simple-cdd as an example for people to

> Another note: in my distro I have originally opted to the same limited 
> partitioning preseeding as you use in the first version. In the second 
> version I preseed exactly the oposite of what you preseed:
>   d-i     partman/confirm boolean true
> This means that the user is asked two questions instead of one, but they
> are both necessary, IMHO. This allows very convinient custom
> partitioning. It also allows you to use a different tool to clear out
> some disk space, and then install the custom distro there.

i wanted the defaults to be as simple as possible for the user, although
the 0.1.x releases didn't ask about partitioning at all, which was a
little too data destructive...

i could include in the README about various ideas regarding automated
and semi-automated partitioning...

specifically, what are all the questions you define regarding
partitioning(including the simple-cdd defautlts)?

> Any idea what to do to automate the packages selection?
> I currently use apt-get (described in another thread) to automate this, and
> this has proven to be rather useful.

i'll read the other thread and comment there, if appropriate.

live well,

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