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Re: multiarch Netinstall CD

On Sat, 23 Jul 2005, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:

Martin-Eric Racine <q-funk@iki.fi> writes:

According to Joerg Jaspert, the LinuxTag 2005 DVD was made using the
standard debian-cd tool, but with a custom CD building template to
succeed in fitting those 3 architectures into the same ISO image.

The LT 2005 DVD was made by building 3 images of ~2Gb size (one per arch) and then merging them back into one image in a second round. That is very ugly for one thing and the size needs to be experimented with a lot to make it fit.

I independently reproduced this and succeeded in making a i386/powerpc CD. It works well as-is on i386, but my iMac fails to see it when powering up and holding C. I'm guessing that some mkisofs options are conflicting with each other, but I cannot figure out which ones. Could anyone enlighten me as to exactly which mkisofs options were used to make the LinuxTag DVD?

Martin-Eric Racine

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