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Re: Examples for CDDtool

On Mon, 4 Jul 2005, Sergio Talens-Oliag wrote:

 No, the idea is to export the environment variable from the rules file:

   #!/usr/bin/make -f
   export CDD=med
   include /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/cddtk-meta.mk

 That should work.
That will work - thanks for enlighting me. ;-)

 Well, the idea is that before and after each apt-get call we can verify the
 CDD consistency, and we don't need the metapackage installed for that.
If this is done, it might really make installation of meta packages unnecessary.
On the other handI do not really see what you will win by implementing complicated
(error prone?) wrappers around apt just to keep some meta packages away from
the system.  They cost nearly nothing and once they are installed should not
cause any trouble regarding the used distribution (stable, testing, unstable, ...)

 No, it doesn't need dpkg-dev, with the mkedeb script that is included on the
 scripts subdir of the package you only need the binary packages control
 files (that can be distributed with the CDD description package)

 Yes, maybe it's better to install the metapackages to keep the dpkg database
 informed of which packages have to be installed, with the empty metapacakges
 is quite cheap.
I think so.  Even if you said that the apt hook will care for the needed things -
chances are high that people find an unforeseen way to get this hook ignored.

$ LANG= svn co https://mixinet.net/svn/cddtk/trunk cddtk svn: PROPFIND
request failed on '/svn/cddtk/trunk' svn: PROPFIND of '/svn/cddtk/trunk':
could not connect to server (https://mixinet.net)

 Hmmm. I can arrive form work, so probably you are right and it is your
 firewall... anyway if you have time to look at the code I usually upload the
 latest versions of the cddtk to:

Thanks, but besides the firewall (it is allways the same from the institute and
at home it worked always perfectly) I have no time for this stuff in the institute
and thus it would a waste of time to debug this.

As I said: It just contains some scripts which are called by the postinst of
meta packages.  Be aware that some of them are quite hackish.
 If I have time I'll look at it today.
Feel free to ask me if something remains unclear.  It should be easy to understand
if you look at the Debian-Med working example.

Kind regards



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