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Re: CDD Dev Camp News

[Sergio Talens-Oliag, 2005-02-06]
> Well, I have not talked to the organization in a while, but in
> principle everything is going to be as proposed, I'll ask them next
> tomorrow about any news.

The proposed meeting is drawing nearer, and I haven't heard anything
from the organizers yet.  It is about time to start making the
practical arrangements for the travel, so I hope we can start
discussing how this will be handled soon.

As said earlier, debian-edu can chip in some funds for this meeting,
if it is needed.  Let me know if you need it for your budget to
balance. :)

> Well, the Congress dates are confirmed, if the Greece meeting is not
> on the 5th and 6th of May there will be no collisions.

The meeting in Greece will most likely take place around 2005-04-17,
so no collision there. :)

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