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Re: Using tasksel features (Was: an idea for debian-edu tasks)

On Thu, 26 Aug 2004, Free Ekanayaka wrote:

I  thing Joey's ideas,  though   not exhaustive, are  a good  starting
point. With regards to the three points Andreas is mentioning:

* Menu entries: I feel we should find a way to automatically generate them,
 rather than hand writing files in task packages. This could be cleanly done
 for example using the debtags categorisation. E.g. if a package is tagged
 with DebianEdu.Physics.Mechanics a proper menu file can be generated.
Sure.  Automatic generation of menu entries is done in the cdd 0.3.9
packages sitting in experimental (hey, I was uploading these packages
some hours before my holiday and the stuff uploaded at this time was
going to Sarge, which might not have been a very good idea because of
the less testing).  I plan to finish the documentation to match the
changes which have been done (especially this autogeneration of the
menus) and then upload to unstable a version 0.4.  Any testing of 0.3.9
would be much apreciated!!!

* Configuration stuff: AFAIK currently both DebianEdu and DeMuDi keep the
 cfengine and configuration script in a separate package (debian-edu-config
 and demudi-base respectively). However this choice can be matter of
I would love to move it to the <cdd>-common package or to the relevant
meta package if it belongs to a certain task.  The problem is that I did
not need special configuration in my own packages (until now) and thus
have no reason (and no chance to test) in my own meta packages.  Just start
working on cdd tools to put in what you need.

* Special meta package: I can't see exactly why Joey's proposal is in conflict
 with the <cdd>-common package.. You can still have it even without meta-packages.
I also see no reason.  It is just a package which contains some stuff which
is needed by all meta packages of the CDD in question.  It is yet another
dpendency like other packages depend from libc package or whatever - nothing else.

Kind regards


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