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Re: sata raid 1 (hardware)

Nicola Bonelli wrote:
Hello everyone,
I have an Intel server (motherboard SE7210TP1-E, sata raid integrato).
Debian woody does not recognize the controller so I installed a custom
kernel with sata drivers and then I installed woody.
My problema is that woody sees 2 disk while I think just 1 disk must
be seen (since I have 2 disk configured in raid 1).
Can anyone help me, please?

Hi Nicola.

Before you install you need to use the BIOS raid configuration to make a raid array. Once you have done this, then your debian installation will see it as one device.

Maybe your raid card is "simple" and the raid is done in software.
In this case it is normal to see it as 2 devices, just use debian software raid to set these up as one meta device.


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