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Re: Building headless network install the proper way

Otavio Salvador wrote:

|| On Thu, 05 Aug 2004 21:46:03 +0100
|| Sam Liddicott <sam@liddicott.com> wrote:
sl> I had heard about an SSH service but couldn't find any details on how
sl> it worked.
sl> This would be ideal. Is it able to bring up the network connection
sl> without interaction?

Yes. Do you not tried d-i yet?
Yes, I have the latest svn checkout of d-i and am making my own netboot images with extra udebs I made.

Well, let me try do a minimal overview. Current debian-installer run a
initial base install system which the base work like, in netinst,
detect the network card and configure it.

Since you can use a DHCP server, this can be automated easily.

After it, it load from network the modules (udebs) and run the base
installation system.
One thing you can do is change the initial step to have the
network-console module
This is the bit I'm stuch on

and then provide ways to pass the password like
parameter and then all is done ;-)


You can try the last netinst image and load on expert mode. So you can
load the network-console later and use it remotely.
currently expert mode stil inists to ask me which country and language before bringing up the network - or maybe the kernel boot string to specify expert mode has changed since beta 3?

The network udebs are obviously already on the initrd,andI can make a tshd udeb that keeps launching tshd until it stays launched, but its getting past the initial questions so that the network comes up that is troubling me.


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