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Re: Building headless network install the proper way

Otavio Salvador wrote:

sl> I mean that the computer is 200 miles away without a monitor or

sl> keyboard. The only control I have is to reset it.

hum ... Sure ...

So this case I think you can try to do another issue ... Currently, we
have avaible on Debian Installer the network-console. This is a module
to allow a instalation by SSH service. One useful hack to include on
it is set one default password or include one script to send a
encripted mail to somewhere with the password and the you can connect
and continue the process.

This do not resolve your problem?

I had heard about an SSH service but couldn't find any details on how it worked. This would be ideal. Is it able to bring up the network connection without interaction?

Although the computer is many miles away itis on a trusted network and booting from a network boot server, I think it should be possible to specify the md5 of the password as a kernel boot string from the config file served by the tftpserver.

Then I could connect directly. If the installation runs under "screen" or "twin" it will be proof against dropped connections.

Do you have any notes on the ssh installation I should be reading so I can try it? It would help me a lot.

I did have tshd (tiny sshd) on my last boot disk butI have trouble getting the installation automatically past the point that brings the network up without stopping to ask questions, and trouble doing this in a way that can easily be applied to new boot disk image releases. It took 3 days trial and error to getit working last time.This time I am trying to do it right the the svn checkout and building udebs, but I can't seem to build ncurses udebs. I think what you suggest is better if I can find out how to do it.

I also thankyou for taking the time to discuss this with me


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