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Re: Pre-BOF CDD ideas

On Sun, 30 May 2004, Cosimo Alfarano wrote:

> The main problem of this is that lots of people working on CDDs are not
> DD, so it leads to problems uploading packages,
Well, Free has now a key signed by a developer and others might
follow.  In the long run I see no problem here to attract people
working on CDD.

> I'd like to evaluate the componentized linux proposed by Progeny.
I think we work definitely in the same direction and I hope that
we can get support from Progeny for our work.

> I'm not speaking about configuration issues, but about patches needed
> and now wanted to be applied, for example.
Understand.  Are there practical examples for this issue?

> If the package will be uploaded in an external repository it breaks
> completly the idea of a virtualized testing/stable distro per CDD (and
> the 100% Debian idea).

Kind regards


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