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Re: Pre-BOF CDD ideas

On Sun, May 30, 2004 at 01:52:25PM +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:
> > Substantially: Debian as a CDD itself.
> In Valencia Free Ekanayaka expressed this in a very illustrative manner
> as an object model which I tried to summarize in the third paragraph of

Indeed, before leaving for PoA I spoke with Free for sharing his Valencian
experience, and we arrived to the conclusion there are some main points
to focus on, which I've tried to enhance and describe here.

> > /debian/
> > /debian-<CDD>/
> Which is more or less the last suggestion of
>     http://people.debian.org/~tille/cdd/ch-todo.en.html#s-new_ways_of_distribution
> > Pro: lets CDDs having their own stable/testing/unstable distro, produced
> > in the some way of MDD, but with asyncronously and with slightly
> > different rules.
> Exactly.  I think I will add your detailed considerations to the doc
> once I'm settled down from my vacation.

Well, I hope I'll post a final report of the BOF, wich will be held this
nigth after the key signing party, hopefully.

The main problem of this is that lots of people working on CDDs are not
DD, so it leads to problems uploading packages, and such an
infrastrcuture would work only if CDD are able to use official Debian
packages and push patches to maintainers, without having to fork.

> > Probably sections (main/contrib/non-free) may be changed to CDD flavours
> > (like ( med-bio -> dist/med/bio/ ), but I'm not sure about policy.
> If you ask me I'd prefer the first suggestion because I expect much
> more trouble here.

The main trouble is related to mirrors pushing, and that's a huge
trouble, IMHO.

I'd like to evaluate the componentized linux proposed by Progeny.

> package-xy.  So I see no big practical use for this package flavours
> because the above seems to be stupid and needs more maintenance than
> trying to go with sane configuration solutions.

I'm not speaking about configuration issues, but about patches needed
and now wanted to be applied, for example.

If the package will be uploaded in an external repository it breaks
completly the idea of a virtualized testing/stable distro per CDD (and
the 100% Debian idea).


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