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Re: customized configuration issue

Am Friday 14 May 2004 19:48 schrieb Andreas Tille:
> If you use debconf "the right way" you parse the config
> file first and adjust the debconf database according to changes in the
> config files.  So config files have the main priority.  That means in
> other words, if you would run cfengine and change some parameters which
> are controled by debconf the next run of dpkg-reconfigure <package>
> should bring up the values which were set by cfengine as "current".
> If not file a bug report against the package in question ...

Hmm, you mean that it should idealy be like that, or am I misunderstanding 
you? Because in that case the config files themselfes should probably be 
"pre-seeded", well lets just call it configured, instead of the debconf 
registry, err config.dat. Or not?

> > kind of tools conflict and break other tools and manual modifications, or
> > they have to refuse working. "File has been modified!" (Who dared to?)
> > "Do you want to overwrite it, or discard changes/updates?"
> Exactly - but were is the problem here?

Somehow I managed to get this type of messegas several times during upgrades.
If the config system stops working I'd sadly consider it not very 
helpful/usable and think a simple config file change should not confuse it. I 
wished the system had flexible syntax and semantic knowlege instead of more 
or less hardcoded search/substitute procedures. Thus Config4GNU which sports 
modular meta-config definitions etc.

Kind Regards,

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