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Re: HPC with Beoqulf


There is a good book for you to follow, it gives lots of informations on how to build the beowulf cluster. I don't know if there is a translation to it, because it is from a brazilian researcher. The title is "Construindo supercomputadores com Linux", author is "Marcos Pitanga".

Also there is a quick configuration cluster, I could say it can be beowulf, the name is Pelican. You don't need to install it to run, but there is an option for that.


2011/1/14 Joan Marc Riera Duocastella <marc.riera@barcelonamedia.org>

Check this out :

OSCAR allows users, regardless of their experience level with a *nix environment, to install a  Beowulf type high performance computing cluster. It also contains everything needed to administer and program this type of HPC cluster. OSCAR's flexible package management system has a rich set of pre-packaged applications and utilities which means you can get up and running without laboriously installing and configuring complex cluster administration and communication packages. It also lets administrators create customized packages for any kind of distributed application or utility, and to distribute those packages from an online package repository, either on or off site.

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On 01/14/2011 10:05 AM, Carsten Aulbert wrote:

On Friday 14 January 2011 09:56:43 Patrick Schmid wrote:
If I understood it correct, the Beowulf project is just a bundle of
software to build a cluster.
So I'm referring to some software which allows me to build a Linux HPC.
Yes and no :)

You first need to identify what you want/need:

* what is the (typical) problem you want to solve?
* what software do you need for that, do you need a batch scheduler or do you 
have very few users which work at the same place and share the cluster without 
technical measures?
* think about the OS (Debian is a good choice here ;))
* Think about the compute hardware, you probably need a login node, execute 
nodes and a file server, do you need many local cores or are the problems too 
large to fit into a few nodes? Then you need to look into networking 
(Infiniband or high performance Ethernet), is the software susceptible to 
latency and/or bandwidth available......

You see there are MANY questions to look at first, before you even want to 
start installing the machines :)

Try describing a "typical" problem, the sizes involved, that may help a lot.



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