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Re: ITP: mpi-defaults -- Meta-packages depending on appropriate MPI -dev and -bin packages for each platform

Am Donnerstag, den 20.11.2008, 09:45 -0500 schrieb Adam C Powell IV:
> It uses the PETSc system, which Build-Depends on an arch-dependent MPI
> implementation, then rules uses readlink to determine which one is the
> default alternative, and sets substvars appropriately, whether openmpi,
> lam, or mpich*.  That way, if we want to change the defaults, we just
> need to change the Build-Depends in control.  In many other ways it
> follows the example of java-common.

Sounds good.

> Also, I made it GPL 2+, and made the copyright in the model of
> java-common.

I've no strong feelings about that.

> Feedback anyone?

I was just wondering why you depend on debhelper >= 3, while compat is
set to 5. Souldn't you depend on >= 5 then?

All other things look good, though I did not test it yet. Thanks for
your work!

Best regards

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